Operations research department

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Department in the 2017 academic year.

In the summer semester of the 2016/2017 academic year our faculty (academic staff) includes full professors, doctors with a habilitation Alexander Iksanov (Head of the Department), Oleg Zakysylo, Ivan Matzak and Andriy Yurachkivskiy; associate professors: doctors with a habilitation Danylo Proskurin and Igor Samoilenko, PhD Bogdan Dovgai (scientific secretary) and Roman Yakymiv; assistant professors, PhD Serguei Polotskiy, Oleksiy Rudenko and Georgii Riabov. The following researchers are the members of the Laboratory of probabilistic and statistical methods: professor, doctor with a habilitation Igor Protasov, associate professors, PhD Anatoly Nikitin (head of the Laboratory) and Serguei Dotzenko. A non-academic staff member is Nadiya Lyah.

Our department is responsible for teaching the following basic courses: Linear algebra and geometry (B. Dovgai, D. Proskurin, I. Samoilenko, S. Polotskiy, R. Yakymiv, O. Rudenko and G. Riabov), Operations Research (S. Polotskiy, R. Yakymiv, I. Matzak, B. Dovgai, O. Iksanov, O. Rudenko, G. Riabov, A. Yurachkivskiy) and Algebra (D. Proskurin, R. Yakymiv).

In the summer semester of 2016-2017 we offer the following special courses:

'Elements of renewal theory'' - Prof. A. Iksanov
"Queuing theory"- Prof. O. Zakusylo.
"Reliability theory" - Prof. I. Matzak.
"Methods and models in optimization of logistic systems" - Prof. I. Matzak.
''Elements of stochastic analysis" - Prof. A. Yurachkivskiy.
"Advanced Operations Research" - Assist. prof. S. Polotskiy.
"Probabilistic analysis of algorithms" - Assoc. prof. R. Yakymiv.

Our research interests include:

  • Random regenerative structures
  • Functional limit theorems
  • Asymptotics of renewal shot noise processes and their generalizations
  • Asymptotic analysis of complex systems
  • Fixed points of smoothing transforms and branching random walks
  • Queuing theory
  • Game theory and job shop scheduling
  • Topology and groups
  • Theory of conflicts
  • Combinatorics of ultrafilters and extremal topologies on groups
  • Measure-valued stochastic processes
  • Stochastic analysis of Markov processes
  • Extreme value theory, reliability theory and their applications
  • Representation theory, operator algebras and their applications

Since 2012 we are holding a seminar "Stochastics and its applications".



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