Operations research department

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Recent dissertations

Habilitation of Samoilenko I.V.

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22.12.2014 - Samoilenko I.V. defended his habilitation thesis "Asymptotic properties of complex evolutionary systems in the Poisson approximation scheme", scientific advisor Prof. Dr. Korolyuk V.S.


PhD thesis of Yakymiv R. Ya.

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19.09.2013 - Yakymiv R. Ya. defended his PhD dissertation "Representation of commutative relations with orthogonality conditions and their generalizations", scientific advisor Dr. Proskurin D.P.


PhD thesis of Akbash K.S.

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25.02.2013 - Akbash K.S. defended her PhD dissertation "Asymptotic behavior of the extreme values of random vectors", scientific advisor Prof. Dr. Matzak I.K.


Habilitation of Proskurin D.P.

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28.02.2012 - Proskurin D.P defended his habilitation thesis "CCR deformations: representations and enveloping C*-algebras", scientific advisor Prof. Dr. Samoilenko Yu. S.


PhD thesis of Marynych A.V.

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26.09.2011 - Marynych A.V. defended his PhD dissertation "Random recursive sequences", scientific advisor Prof. Dr. Iksanov A.M.


PhD thesis of Polotskiy S.V.

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24.01.2011 - Polotskiy S.V. defended his PhD dissertation "Martingales in branching random walks", scientific advisor Prof. Dr. Iksanov A.M.


PhD thesis of Negadailov P.A.

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22.03.2010 - Negadailov P.A. defended his PhD dissertation "Limit theorems for random recursive sequences", advisor Prof. Dr. Iksanov A.M.


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