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  1. A. Iksanov. Renewal theory for perturbed random walks and similar processes. Probability and its Applications, Birkhäuser, 2016.
  1. G. Alsmeyer, D. Buraczewski, A. IksanovNull-recurrence and transience of random difference equations in the contractive case, submitted, 24 pages.
  2. A. Iksanov, W. Jedidi, F. Bouzeffour. Functional limit theorems for the number of busy servers in a \(G/G/\infty\) queuesubmitted, 15 pages.
  3. A. Iksanov, Z. Kabluchko. Functional limit theorems for Galton-Watson processes with very active immigrationsubmitted, 15 pages.
  4. A.V. Nikitin. Conditions of stability for Ito-Skorokhod stochastic dif ferential equations in Hilbert spaces, submitted, 5 pages.
  5. D. Proskurin, L. Turowska, R. YakymivOn well-behaved representations of \(\lambda\)-deformed CCR, submitted, 14 pages.
  6. D. Buraczewski, P. Dyszewski, A. Iksanov, A. Marynych. On perpetuities with gamma-like tailssubmitted, 20 pages.
Publications 2017:
  1. G. Alsmeyer, A. IksanovA. Marynych. Functional limit theorems for the number of occupied boxes in the Bernoulli sieveStochastic Processes and their Applications, 127, no. 3, 995-1017.
  2. A. Iksanov, W. Jedidi, F. Bouzeffour. A law of the iterated logarithm for the number of occupied boxes in the Bernoulli sieve, Statistics and Probability Letters, in press.
  3. G. Alsmeyer, Z. Kabluchko, A. Marynych. A leader-election procedure using records, Annals of Probability, in press.
  4. A. Iksanov, Z. Kabluchko, A. Marynych, G. Shevchenko. Fractionally integrated inverse stable subordinatorsStochastic Processes and their Applications, 127, no. 1, 80-106.
  5. A. Iksanov, A. Marynych, M. Meiners. Asymptotics of random processes with  immigration I: scaling limits, Bernoulli, 23, no. 2, 1233-1278 (link to the official webpage).
  6. A. Iksanov, A. Marynych, M. Meiners. Asymptotics of random processes with  immigration II: convergence to stationarity, Bernoulli, 23, no. 2, 1279-1298 (link to the official journal webpage).
  7. A. Iksanov, A. Pilipenko, I. Samoilenko. Functional limit theorems for the maxima of perturbed random walks and divergent perpetuities in the M1-topology, Extremes, in press.
  8. Z. Kabluchko, A. Marynych, H. Sulzbach. General Edgeworth expansions with applications to profiles of random trees, Annals of Applied Probability, in press.
  9. I. Protasov, S. Slobodianiuk. A note on factoring groups into dense subsets, Journal of Group Theory, 20, no. 1, 33-38.
  10. A. Yurachkivsky. Limit distribution of a Generalized Ornstein-Uhlenbeck process, International Journal of Probability and Statistics, 6, no. 1, 24-39.
Publications 2016:
  1. G. Alsmeyer, Z. Kabluchko, A. Marynych. Leader election using random walks, ALEA - Latin American Journal of Probability and Statistics, no. 13, 1095-1122.
  2. G. Alsmeyer, A. Marynych. Renewal approximation for the absorption time of a decreasing Markov chain, Journal of Applied Probability, 53, no. 3, 765-782.
  3. A. Iksanov, Z. Kabluchko. A central limit theorem and a law of iterated logarithm for the Biggins martingale of the superctitical branching random walk, Journal of Applied Probability, 53, no. 4, 1178-1192.
  4. A. Iksanov, Z. Kabluchko, A. Marynych. Weak convergence of renewal shot noise processes in the case of slowly varying normalization, Statistics and Probability Letters, 114, 67-77.
  5. A. Iksanov, Z. Kabluchko, A. MarynychLocal universality for real roots of random trigonometric polynomials, Electronic Journal of Probability, 21, paper no. 68, 1-19.
  6. A. Iksanov, A. Marynych, M. Meiners. Moment convergence of first-passage times in renewal theory, Statistics and Probability Letters, 119, 134-143.
  7. A. Iksanov, A. Pilipenko. A functional limit theorem for locally perturbed random walksProbability and Mathematical Statistics, 36, no. 2, 353-368.
  8. A. Iksanov, S. Polotskiy. Tail behavior of suprema of perturbed random walks, Theory of Stochastic Processes, 21(37), no. 1, 12-16.
  9. Z. Kabluchko, A. Marynych. Renewal shot noise processes in the case of slowly varying tails, Theory of Stochastic Processes, in press.
  10. Z. Kabluchko, A. Marynych, H. Sulzbach. Mode and Edgeworth expansion for the Ewens distribution, Journal of Integer Sequences, 19, Article 16.8.8.
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  15. I. ProtasovBox resolvability, Topology and its Applications, 209, 329-334.
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  18. I. Protasov, S. Slobodianiuk. Note: A conjecture on partitions of groups, Combinatorica, 36, 365-369.

Publications 2015:

  1. G. Alsmeyer, A. Iksanov, M. Meiners. Power and exponential moments of the number of visits and related quantities for perturbed random walks, Journal of Theoretical Probability, 28, 1-40.
  2. F. Aurzada, A. Iksanov, M. Meiners. Exponential moments of first passage times and related quantities for Levy processes, Mathematische Nachrichten, 288, no. 17-18, 1921-1938.
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Publications 2014:

  1. A. Gnedin, A. Iksanov, A. Marynych, M. Moehle. On asymptotics of the beta coalescents, Advances in Applied Probability, 46, no. 2, 496-515.
  2. A. Gnedin, A. Iksanov, A. MarynychLambda-coalescents: a survey, Journal of Applied Probability, Special Volume 51A, 23-40.
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